Fast, Honest Service.

Hi!  My name is Jennifer – well I have done many things over the years, all of which have lead me to the here and now where I am a freelance website guru and have been for the past 11+ years.  I didn’t start out as such, although I have always been computer oriented (my first computer was a Commodore 64 – Wow there is some age for ya!).

I got started in this business when I decided to learn HTML and PHP (computer coding languages) so I could make a website for the business I was opening at the time – a Bed and Breakfast.  Why make it myself? Well back then, web designers were far and few between and everything was hand coded which meant it cost a lot of time and money.  So I had the time, but not the money and decided to spend my time learning to code… and build myself what I needed.

I built the site and it worked great, although now looking back it wasn’t the best looking thing around, but we didn’t have CSS or some of the other technologies we have now that allow sites to function and look good all at the same time.

So a friend took notice of my site (he was in a similar business in a different part of the country) and asked me to make him a site, which I did and then someone he know needed a site and he referred me to them and so on and so forth… over the years.  I have always worked on referral only. If you are reading this you were probably referred to me by one of my other clients.

 A lot of my clients ended up being people who had paid someone else to do a website and it never got done or was being held hostage until they paid more (not part of the original contract), or they were hacked and no one could seem to fix it for them etc.   In short, I was referred because my other clients knew I was fast and honest in my service.

I am based in beautiful St Augustine Florida!

This charming historic town is full of inspiration. From the beautiful water views to the historic homes and buildings, you can’t deny it is a truly special place.

Having the ability to work from wherever as long as it has an internet connection is a great perk!

If you haven’t been here, come on down!